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Samuel Auyong

Samuel Auyong

Starcrest Education    DateTime:2018-05-31 15:57


Samuel Auyong


Samuel previously served as the Investment Director of CITIC YBN Capital, and was the Deputy General Manager of Henan Agricultural Investment Fund Management LLP. Before CITIC, Samuel served as the Director and General manager of Stock Capital Market at Hongkong Baron Capital Group, Executive Director and Head of Equity Capital Market from the joint venture between CITIC and CITIC Ka Wah Bank Beijing, Executive Director and Head of Stock Capital Market of HK Core Pacific Yamachi, Senior Manager at Morgan Grenfell (Hongkong) Limited, Deputy Manager and Chartered Accountant of KPMG accounting firm (Hongkong). He was also a KPMG Certified Public Accountants (London) deputy manager.

Samuel's extensive experience in capital market operation and enterprise investment and financing allowed him to gain professional contacts and cooperation with mainland enterprises, banks and government agencies. Being an expert in enterprise financing, equity financing, debt financing, structural financing, venture capital, law, and general banking business, his experience with The Stock Exchange of HongKong Limited securities listing rules, Hongkong company acquisition, merger and share return code, Hongkong securities and futures regulations, enterprise reorganization, corporate governance and internal supervision control and financial accounting allowed him to provide professional prudent investigation, merger and acquisition programs and professional financial advice for enterprises.